Thursday, January 6, 2011

A sweet bookmark

I ABSOLUTELY love this stamp from TGF. It reminds me of my little guy.  ocsjan3 He wears the cutest beanies all the time and he is so sweet I could just eat him up ;)  I’m adding to my stash of bookmarks, to give away but I just might keep this one.

A friend of mine was talking about how she loves making bookmarks and is sad that everyone is switching to digital readers.  Although I don’t have a digital reader yet, I’m sure I will eventually. BUT I could never give up my paper books.  I have a sentimental attachment to them. So this ol’ gal will never totally go to digital books ;) What’s your thoughts on this?


Stamps: The Greeting Farm ; Sentiment: computer generated

Papers: October Afternoon

Tools: TH distresser, Nestabilities, doohickey die, Copics

embellishments: bakers twine


  1. Very cute bookmark! And yes, even though I already have an e-book reader, I won't give up my real books. There are certain authors I just have to read on real paper. The reader is simply handy for taking "on the go" - no more giving up half my suitcase to vacation reading material! It fits in my purse!

  2. Love the book mark! I'm also a HUGE TGF fan.

    As for digital readers...I LOVE my Kindle. I still will buy a few paper books for sentimental reasons, but the Kindle is my absolute favorite way to read. I read a book a day, so I used to carry around two to three books in case I finished one while I was out. Also, my house is only 350 square feet...I don't have room to store that many books. Now I have my entire library with me at all times. Also, my mother, aunt, step-dad and myself are all on the same account, so we can all read the same book at once instead of one person reading it then loaning it to the next and so on. It's much simpler, especially since we live across the country from each other.

    Ok, sorry! =) I'm very passionate about my digital reader. I'll be done now. =)

  3. Wow!! This is fantastic!! I just love the colors!! I am trying to keep an open mind about kindles, etc. though I don't have one either. I do love the feel of a real book in my hand. Plus, I put enough strain on my eyes with computer screens already.

  4. what a great bookmark....I have a friend who collects bookmarks from all over the world...most are bought ones but she loves it when I make one for her.....I will surely buy an e-reader this year, but just like you I keep loving real books!
    xxx Margreet

  5. I love your bookmark....loads of delicious eye candy!! :)

    I'm a paper girl, thanks! I like books, the turning of a page....and I'm on my laptop all day eyes need a break! ;)

  6. Who knew that one beautiful bookmark could drum up so much conversation. Now how cool is that!! This is a great bookmark to encourage our children to open the book...I will have to run off and make one for my 9 year old!! Must look into that e-reader for my April vacation this year, thanks for the ideas ladies!! Have a wonderful day!! Cheers, Lora Sinkler Lake