Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gardening Gertie and a Tutorial Using Cutting, Embossing, Embroidery Dies

Hi All;

It is the end of the week and Sunday, has rolled around and for today's post for One Crazy Stamper I have a card as well as a  tutorial using some of the Cutting, Embossing, and Embroidery dies by Joy Crafts.  I have a co-worker who is retiring and I will be giving her this card.  I have used Gardening Gertie and sentiment from the latest release by High Hopes Rubber Stamps. 

 Inside of Card

Supplies used:
Make yourself a coffee or tea and while drinking it browse through the tutorial that I have for using the Joy Crafts Cutting, Embossing, Embroidery Dies

These dies are cut and embossed in the usual way, using any die cutting machine.  Some of the embroidery holes might need extra piercing. I have used all three of the stitches listed below on different dies; some just a back stitch and others all three of them.  These dies do take a bit of time to stitch.

When starting to stitch start at the first hole of the area you are starting with and pull the needle through and leave 1 - 1.5 inches of thread at the back.  Attach a piece of scotch tape to hold the thread in place.  Do not knot the thread to keep it in place.  I use Sulky thread which has a nice texture to it and the colours are vibrant and comes as a single thread.  You could try embroidery thread such as DMC, but you will have to split it so that you have only one strand.

Stitches:  Stem, Back and Long

Stem Stitch:  Bringing the needle through hole 1, you skip the next 2 holes on the front and go down through the next hole, skip 1 hole on the back and up through the next one. The stem stitch would be worked like this 1 - 2 (front), 2- 3 (back); 3 - 4 (front), 4 - 5) back etc.  For a smooth curve, work on the inside of the curve.

Back Stitch:  Bring the needle through hole 1 on the front, go up through hole 2 and back down through
hole 1, then up through hole 3 and back down through hole 2.

Long Stitch:  This stitch can be used to do flowers and leaves.  You start at hole 1, which is usually at the bottom of the shape, coming up through the back and go to hole 2 (see sample), then down and back up at the starting hole.

  Cutting, Embroidery & Embroidery by Chrissie (Joy Crafts) die is 60021001

Using pink and green Sulky thread both the long and stem stitches were used in the sample above.  I added some Pearlescent chalks to the embossed parts of the die.  This is the die that is on the front of the card.


Using the pink and green Sulky Thread, stem, long and back stitches were used.  The back stitch was done
on the circle at the flower base.  The long stitch was used inside the areas of the leafs and the remaining
areas used the stem stitch.  Sometimes we using the long stitch, the stitches need to be smoothed out and
flattened so that they lie nicely.  I added some Pearlescent chalks to the embossed areas of the die and this on the inside of the card.

 Cutting, Embossing & Embroidery Die 60021201

Using Lavendar and Green Sulky threads, a back stitch was used to stitch on the Cut, Embossing and Embroidery Die that is shown above.  This die was used on last week's card called Kitty Post.

Cutting, Embossing & Embroidery 60021202

The back stitch was one done using green Sulky Thread.

 Cutting, Embossing & Embroidery 60021204

Using a reddish orange Sulky Thread, the flowers were done using the long stitch while using green thread the stem stitch was done for the rest of the die.  You can see how I used this die at this link Snoesjes - Snoes with Dog.
Cutting, Embossing & Embroidery 60021203

I haven't used this die yet, so it will be upcoming in the future so do keep an eye out for it so you can see what the finished product can look like.  

Cutting, Embossing & Embroidery - Holly & Berries 60012012 

I didn't stitch this die, but you can see what it would look like here at the December Challenge.

Lora does have the Embroidery Corner Scallop die in stock at One Crazy Stamper and hopefully she will be able to obtain some of the others and new ones if they are available.  Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and want to try a new technique.

There are still a few days to enter this month's challenge which is "Anything Goes" for a chance to win a Little Darlings Stamp Prize Pack from One Crazy Stamper.


  1. wow! I've never seen this technique before Sue. Looks like it take special talent to do this! great job!

    1. It is basically embroidery on paper, using a die as the template as the wholes are already there.

  2. Oh Sue....what an amazing tutorial! Thank you for taking so much time to explain how to do the I actually think I can do this!! Great job!!!

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  4. Thanks for the tutorial I can finally learn some proper stitches lol. (The only thing I really now know to sew is a hem)