Monday, March 4, 2013

Skin Tutorial!! Using Copics

Ok this is my first tutorial so be patient with me...Before we get started the stamp I am using is a Saturated Canary and her name is Walkie..I love these stamps due to their faces..I am going to list the Copic Markers you will need as well..This short tutorial is the way that I do my faces and there are many talented folks out there that do so amazing stuff so choose a way that is comfortable for you and run with it!!  COPICS you will need E0000,11,00,000 R20 you will also need PC943 burnt ochre )this I use for some shading)..Memento Tuxedo Black ink and white Card Stock as well..

Using E0000 lay down a base, if you like you can fill in the entire face, but I like  the center a bit lighter..So as you can see around the hair line the eyes and the cheeks..

E11 is our next step and you only need a small amount again this is where there is going to be a shadow..So again the hair line, eyes and the cheeks.

E00 now you are going to go over your E11 with small flicks towards the center of the face..NOT ALL OF THE WAY MORE COLORS TO ADD!! just small light flicks..I know it looks funny but trust me!!
E000 is next do the same as above flicking towards the centre, if you are unsure take a look at my pic the colours are listed in order, and if you do not get it keep trying it took me quite sometime..

You are on the home stretch..E0000 fill in your face going over the entire thing not too much as you will push the colour out..Almost done!

Now take your R20 and put some cheeks on her, the take E000 flick them out slightly and the blend with E0000

Ok if you are Happy and you want to shade with Prisma Pencils then take PC 943 and add around your hair line eyes and cheeks..The trick is use a small amount of colour..Blend out with small flicks using a Blending stump and gamsol

Ok if you are happy then stop if not go back and add a bit more pencil..I hope this was helpful !!

All of the supplies used in this Tutorial can be purchased from One Crazy Stamper..Thanks for following..

Sending Love and Hugs!!! Kerri

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  1. Love your tutorial! Im going to try it out on my next image.