Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Season of Joy

Hi Fellow Crafters;

This is my updated post from last week, using some new Dreamweaver Stencils from OCS.  I am finding that there is a learning curve for this new technique.  I did discover some things that one should and shouldn't do.

For the Season of Joy Dreamweaver stencil, I used the Pearlescent Dreamweaver Embossing Paste and didn't add any other mica powders or glitter. I taped the stencil down on a sheet of Spectrum Noir (100 lb weight) paper using removeable scotch tape.  I also think that maybe I should have used a darker cardstock.

For the Tall Poinsettia, that I used last week, I used some Translucent Dreamweaver Embossing Paste this time and then added some Glitter Ritz using a mask on some areas so that the glitter wouldn't go where it shouldn't go. It might have been easier to mix a bit of glitter in the paste.

Now for what I discovered that one should do and not do;  
  1. Do use removeable scotch tape -- the tape has to say removeable, otherwise some paper will come off when you remove it.
  2. Make sure that the stencil is down flat, so that none of the embossing paste will seep through where it shouldn't
  3. When done, remove the stencil gently, so as not to pull on the paper.  If you leave it on while it dries, it will stick to the paper and when it is removed, the paper will come off with it.
  4. Have a container of with  some soapy water in, so that the stencils can be dropped in and wash.  Once the paste has dried, it is harder to clean the stencils.
  5. I  found that the glitter pastes didn't work as well.  They seem to be thicker than the embossing pastes, to which some micro powders can be added.
This has been a learning experience, but this is what our creativity is all about.

Make sure you check out Lora's OCS store for some amazing products and prices.  Also stay tuned for some fun that will start on September 1st.

Until next time, happy crafting.



  1. Here is another tip for using the Dreamweaver stencils with embossing pastes. Tape down all four sides of the stencil with removeable tape. Turn over a tab on each piece so you can easily pull back (not up) on the piece when you remove it. Remove two long sides and one end, leaving the end closest to you still down. Using the top end, lift the stencil up from the paper until vertical. Remove the last piece of tape and get stencil and spatula into your soapy water immediately.

  2. Barbara - thanks for the extra tips! Sue - your cards with the embossing pastes have been amazing - you are so adventurous! I especially love this one with the pearlescent paste :o)