Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wishing for warm weather!

Hi everyone & happy Wednesday!!

"The weather where I live is cold and grey so today I am sharing a fun 12 x 12 single page "Sandcastle" layout. I love the memories that this layout brings back of our family trip to Florida. I have the perfect picture of my husband, daughter & I making a sandcastle together in 2011.  Yes that said 2011, not a type O <smile>.  When I locate that picture it will go right here on this page.

Our daughter had to do a project while we were away on vacation as part of her homework for the 2 weeks.  I totally forgot to bring the paper for the scrapbook she would be doing so I had to go buy some.   We didn't use it all so I pulled some out to use on this layout.  This paper makes this layout special because the patterned paper came from Florida and it holds so many fun, beautiful memories.

I have used die cuts that are available in the store along with many other designs. The links for the dies I used are below but be sure to visit the OCS website for many more themes and designs coming soon.

Die Cuts
Sandcastle Title HERE
Sandcastle HERE
Seashells HERE

Thanks for joining me today!


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