Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fight Like a Girl-MFT

I am sooooo sorry I am late today with this post!  his week has been INSANE!  I started a a local University this week and I planned on taking care of all last minute details on Monday.  Oil change, grocery shopping, looking at the map of the HUGE campus to figure out where to park and to figure out where my classes were located.  While at the dealership waiting for the car to be completed I was passing time on Facebook and I saw a post about the university welcoming students back for the first day of classes.  WHAT?!?  School started on Tuesday it was marked IN INK on my calendar I was all planned out!  I called the University and NOPE classes actually started that day.  OH MY!  So My car was completed and I rushed home and through a few things in my backpack and ran out the door to drive to school (about an hour away) and it really was a sink or swim moment for me!  I was about 15 minutes late for my first class and 20 minutes late for my second class and it was a VERY insane day.  I really hit the ground running and feel like I haven't stopped since!
OK so that has been my crazy week and that is why I am late posting!

Here is my card featuring the fight like a girl a la mode by My Favorite Things.  his is just a simple card!  I made this for a friend of mine that will be celebrating a year in remission on Tuesday. 

I hope you guys a have a fabulous upcoming week and you still have a few days left to enter in this months challenge!  We have a new challenge on Wednesday!

Happy Stamping!


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