Monday, July 27, 2015

No Stamping Mini Album Tutorial

Hello and welcome back, so excited to share with you my No Stamping Mini Album, tons of ideas out there for albums and I thought it would be fun to try no stamping on one.  I know crazy huh!  Anyway, lots of photos here, and I hope you get a chance to create an album.  I am doing this tutorial for One Crazy Stamper.  Thanks again for stopping and I look forward to your comments, tell me what you think.  Cheers!

5x8 Album

Back cover outer pieces cut two card board or chip board 5x8, and one 2x8 for this

I cut this white card-stock 8 x 8 1/2" I put lots of double sided adhesive on here, and it has to stay glued and help bend and fold it hold the back together. I would not recommend using liquid glue, as it might shift while drying.

I used card stock to cover the back, this can be solid or pattern, up to you with this part.

For the binding or where the pages will go, I will add my scratch paper here for you to sort of see what I did as I am not sure words work so well.  
Here I go: Card Stock for the binding 7 1/4 x 11 1/4 
Score at 2" on each end then score at 1/2", 1/2", 1/4", 1/2", 1/2", 1/4"
When placing the double side tape put in the center of the row between the score lines. The tape will go right after the 1/4" score on the 1/2".  * Important That the Tape does not go on the 1/4" spot. See Scratch paper below for a better view on where to put it. Then fold and bend back and forth this is where the pages will be adhered too.  So will be need to move back and forth for turning.  I only put one row of tape on it  at a time and take off the backing of the double sided tape and do the next row, other wise you might have stuck the wrong one to the next fold. 

Then when centering the binding on the back cover you can measure the middle/center and put a mark on it, it will be covered with paper anyway.  I took my scoring tool and went over the folds and creases once it is adhere. The album will be able to bend, open and close. 

I covered the rest of the album.  I used solid card stock here. 

This is what it looks like finished.

4 3/4" x 7" For the pages, you can do it this the way like I have or single sheets, I folded them to be stronger and also was able to add flaps or folded inserts in them as well.  I slid the card stock inside the two and adhere it, and you later can add the pattern paper or lined paper for journal-ling.  Also I used a border punch on the bottom of the flap.   The flaps or inserts can be whichever sizes works for you mine are 3 3/4" x 4" and  can be opened either way.

When adhering the pages I put double sided tape on the green card stock the folded binding, and then add the pages.  I think you might be able to put the tape on the pages first, not sure, as I didn't.

For the following photos I used the pattern paper to decorate them.


Here is the shot from the top of the closed album.

Here is the close up of the chain and 'S' hook and ring.  I glued on the album to close it. 

Adding the fastener I used glue-dots and and small piece of chain, and 'S' hook.
  Thanks again, and this was done without stamping and the paper I used is from a few sheets from this wonderful paper collection!

Supplies-HFC-Birds and Blooms Collection, Adhesive, Double Sided Tape, Dies, Chain, Jump Ring and S-hook, Foam Tape, Border Punch.
Album size 5" x 8"-Cover (Back), 4 3/4" x 7" pages.


  1. An awesome tutorial Leanne. I will definitely have to try it.

  2. Wow, Leanne - your album is gorgeous! What a lot of work... I love the chain closure :o)

  3. so many beautiful details, love this!! :) !!!!!