Saturday, February 25, 2012

MFT--Fighting 50

Hi All,

Well I have had some major technical problems this week!  Monday my laptop slipped off my desk and I did catch it before it full hit the ground BUT it jarred the hard drive and created a disk error.  It now takes 45 minutes to turn my computer on and load windows.  As a blogger I use my computer a lot, as a student it is like an extra arm so we tried everything to save it and it went bye-bye!  So Wednesday night we went to purchase a new laptop hopefully one that will last longer then 11 months unlike the last one.  This is my 3rd laptop purchase in 4 years.  So we made it count and I got a beauty of a laptop.  It is top of the line and pretty much is one of the best out there.  Of course with my clumsiness my hubby was sure to purchase one of those accident protection plans and he got the max so I am covered for 3 years if I drop it, break it, crack the screen, and pretty much everything else I can possibly do to the thing.

An example of how cursed I am with electronics is a few years ago I was holding my MP3 player and I touched metal.  Well, I had so much static electricity built up that the shock actually surged my MP3 player and fried it.  So the reason for this long winded story is why my picture is not watermarked because for the past 2 days we have been slooooowwwwlllllyyyyy getting data off of my old laptop and putting it on our external hard drive.

I have a 50th surprise party to go to in a few weeks and I thought this Fight Like a Girl A La Mode by My Favorite Things would make a FUN birthday card.  I used my snap together alphabet to create the saying.  I also used the large circle and large scalloped circle nesties.  I also used sew easy floss for the button. 


  1. I'm glad you rallied around and got a new laptop Lisa - Your card is so cute - Love the image and how you've applied it to the theme of a 50th.

  2. Now this is cute! What a great idea to pair this image with a bday card! super cute