Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking Rules and More

Terrific Tuesday is here again and it's time for me to do another tutorial for One Crazy Stamper. If you love your Copic markers and you 've mastered the rules of coloring, it's now time to experiment and break some of those rules and learn a few new ones!! Most of you were taught to pick blending groups with the same letter, same first number and then two or three digits difference in the last number, now it's time to have some fun!

Start by stamping an image that is large enough to practice new blending techniques several times. For my practice sheet I used Art Impressions Birthday Whoot Set. The first owl shows you the traditional method of blending using E33, E35, and E37, while the second owl is colored with E33, E37, YR27, and BV04 for the deep shadows. Notice that the second owl has more subtle shading.

The second set of owls shows the + 10 + 2 rule with the first owl colored with R00 ( + 10 + 2 ), R12 ( +10 + 2 ), and R24, and the second owl is E01 ( + 10 +2 ), E13 ( +10 + 2 ), and E25 ( +10 + 2). Using this method will give your shading more depth.

This little cutie also follows the + 10 + 2 rule in bright blue!
The next experiment with colors is to color outside the color family which can be a real blast, and the results are awesome!! Look at these interesting color combinations.
The last image shows an owl colored outside the usual color family and one using the traditional method!

Now it's your turn to break out your Copic markers and have some fun exploring some new coloring options!! You'll have as much fun as I did - please let us know how your own experiments turned out!


  1. I love it Shari! Fabulous tutorial

  2. Really informative, and fun tutorial Shari.
    ~ rubber hugs ~

  3. A really great tutorial Shari. Very informative.

  4. Thank you for sharing this with our followers Shari. I think I will just break a few rules myself. Cheers, Lora